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Webinars and Updates

Know your role, webinar for sampletakers and doctors, 13 July 2022

Information: This 54-minute webinar is presented by Education and Training Manager at CervicalCheck Dr Rachael Comer and Senior Training Co-ordinator at CervicalCheck Debbie Ramsbottom. Dr Rachael Comer, provides information about the cervical screening programme structure; and Debbie Ramsbottom presents on 'Know your role' of a sampletaker to the CervicalCheck screening programme.

Aim: To understand the role and responsibilities of the sampletaker and Clinically Responsible Doctor (CRD) in primary care

Intended learning outcomes:

  • The structure of the CervicalCheck screening programme
  • The rationale for HPV cervical screening
  • Screening intervals and rationale for same
  • The CervicalCheck Eligibility Framework
  • How to take a quality cervical screening test
  • How to fill in the cervical screening form
  • The role of a sampletaker in relation to the CervicalCheck screening programme

Target audience: All healthcare professionals working in primary care that are involved in delivering a high-quality cervical screening service

Cervical Cancer Treatments and Support, webinar on 22 June 2022

Information: This 54-minute webinar is introduced by Primary Care Clinical Advisor at CervicalCheck, Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon. Clinical Nurse Specialist in gynaecology/oncology Sarah Belton provides an update in cervical cancer treatments and support; and HSE National Clinical Lead in psycho-oncology Helen Greally presents on ‘Transforming Psycho-Oncology & Survivorship Services in Ireland’.

Aim: To provide clinical updates on cervical cancer treatments and support

Intended learning outcomes:

  • To provide updates on treatment and recent changes to practice in cervical cancer care
  • To review the NCCP survivorship programme and how this applies to cervical cancer
  • To introduce thisisgo.iefor patients and HCPs

Target audience: All healthcare professionals who are involved in delivering a high-quality cervical screening service.

Heading: HPV Infection and Cervical Cancer, webinar on 13 June 2022

This webinar for National Screening Service (NSS) staff on the HSE Consent Policy (2022) was introduced by Lynn Swinburne, Senior Health Promotion Officer with the NSS, and delivered by Marie Tighe, Project Manager, National Office for Human Rights and Equality Policy.

Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon's presentation explains:

  • Natural history & development of cervical cancer
  • Role of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in the aetiology & pathogenesis of cervical cancer
  • Effective communication around what it means to have HPV infection
  • Normalising HPV infection
  • Encouraging women from under-served population groups to engage with screening
  • Prevalence of cervical cancer
  • Invasive cervical cancer outcomes

Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon is Primary Care Clinical Advisor at CervicalCheck.

Webinar on the national consent policy – 19 May 2022

This webinar for National Screening Service (NSS) staff on the HSE Consent Policy (2022) was introduced by Lynn Swinburne, Senior Health Promotion Officer with the NSS, and delivered by Marie Tighe, Project Manager, National Office for Human Rights and Equality Policy.

This webinar looked at:

  • The principles to be applied when considering a person’s decision-making capacity to provide consent
  • What is decision-making capacity?
  • When a person’s capacity to make a decision is in question
  • Making decisions if a person lacks decision-making capacity
  • What can staff do to support consent/decision making?

Webinar on the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 - 3 December 2021

Áine Flynn, Director of the Decision Support Service, explains how the screening service can prepare to implement the Assisted Decision Making (ADM) Act, to support decision-making and maximising a person’s capacity to make decisions.

The presentation invites viewers to consider:

  • How will the act apply to screening?
  • Consent procedures for all programmes,
  • How we interact with service users with accessibility or communication challenges
  • Dealing with next-of-kin
  • Communication with representatives or support persons
  • How we might assess capacity in each of the four screening programmes.

HPV cervical screening - November 2021

HPV cervical screening is a new way of screening. It was introduced in Ireland in March 2020.

It first looks to see if a person has any of the high-risk types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that may cause cervical cancer.

If HPV is found, their same test sample will be checked for abnormal cells.

HPV cervical screening:

  • is a better way of cervical screening
  • prevents more cancers
  • means some people will have fewer tests

Find out more about HPV cervical screening

Laboratories Webinar, CervicalCheck - 28 June 2021

Here are the five presentations that were shown during the webinar.

Cervical screening / colposcopy webinar - 26 February 2021

CervicalCheck Annual Colposcopy Meeting with Nursing and Medical teams, 26 February 2021

CervicalCheck organised a half-day training meeting online on 26 February 2021. The purpose of the training was to enable nursing and medical teams update their knowledge of the screening programme, and to provide them with opportunities to have their questions about cervical screening addressed by experts in the programme and beyond.

Cervical screening webinars - 17 & 24 February 2021

Cervical screening from Public Health to Clinical Outcomes, training webinars for smeartakers, 17 & 24 February 2021.

CervicalCheck organised two hour-long webinars, designed to be an introduction to the new HPV cervical screening programme. Click here to meet some of the CervicalCheck team and to learn about the different aspects of the programme.

Full playlist can be found here 

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